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Hardening process of precision rack

Precision rack is a commonly used accessory, do not underestimate it, it plays a great role, there is a lot of knowledge about it, there are a lot of people do not understand it, such as its quenching process. Let's take a look at the hardening process of the precision rack.

1, working characteristics: longitudinal and transverse composite magnetic field induction heating quenching; High heating efficiency, fast speed, only 6 seconds/piece; The hardness distribution of the hardened layer is uniform; Low power consumption; The edge of the tooth surface is consistent with the middle part; Root hardening layer can be controlled; Small deformation.

2, the working principle: turn on the high-frequency power supply, the electric contact and the inductor are connected into a loop, and the sample above the inductor becomes the heating body to be induced. In this way, the workpiece surface is not only heated by the longitudinal magnetic field, but also by the transverse magnetic field, to achieve the purpose of uniform heating. The replacement of different sensors can heat the workpiece surface of different shapes. Compared with the traditional high frequency heating, the workpiece surface heating current is more concentrated, the density is larger, and the heating speed is faster. In this way, the power density of heating the workpiece surface is several times that of traditional induction heating, and high-quality heat treatment can be implemented on the workpiece surface.

3, precision rack quenching process: placed on the sensor, the cylinder drops, press the rack, the induction electrode, the rack and the sensor are connected, the distance between the sensor and the rack can be adjusted according to needs. The induced current generated by the combination of vertical and horizontal magnetic field heats the tooth surface at the same time, the heating speed is very fast, and the heating time is controlled. After reaching the temperature, the equipment stops heating and automatically sprits quenching liquid to the tooth surface to complete a quenching process.

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